#5Questions with Leone Hanman

Leone Hanman is a London transplant living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is an actress, artist, and consultant with an impressive resume and passport. She trained at London Goldsmith and she's performed in more than 20 countries. Currently she's works with Sheila Gray: The Drama Continues coaching.

1: What is one thing you have to do today?

Find a studio to hold our acting workshop in LA and one in Berlin, in April.

2: What is one thing you've been putting off?

Seeing my doctor for my yearly. I keep postponing it. Oops.

3: What is one thing on your bucket list?

Running a marathon.

4: What is one thing you'd like to do again?

Work with the elderly. Read to them in the homes.

5: What is one thing you regret?

Mmmmm. I wish I had written down my Granny's stories. She had some great tales and would feed me Gin and Tonic and we would 'shoot the shit' None of my grandparents are alive now so that generation has gone and I'm not sure that just my memory of them will do them justice.