Globe Trotting

I love to travel and explore. As a photographer I am drawn to the visual, people's expressions and style, and the angles and details of landmarks. But as a journalist, I am intrigued by the stories that underpin and define the people and places that I visit. Here are some essays from my travels around the world.


Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Thousands of people descend on Coney Island every year in June to celebrate the beginning of summer with mermaids and mirth. People from all over, and from all backgrounds, gather for an eclectic, whimsical, inclusive parade featuring creatures of the sea. It's a great time for adults and for kids. It's the Mermaid Parade. Read more:


New Orleans Cities of the Dead

In New Orleans ghost stories are legendary, spirits come alive, and the dead live in cities. Read more:


New York City Heritage of Pride March

Whether you consider it a march, or a parade, tens of thousands of people travel from around the world to New York City to celebrate gay culture and sexuality, insist on equal rights, and in 2016 mourn the massacre at a gay night club in Orlando. Read more:


Fort Jay, Governors Island, New York City

It's just across the harbor, within sight of Lower Manhattan, but it feels a world away, even decades away. If you listen hard enough, you may hear haunting echoes of its former lives, bellowing cannons, buzzing military planes, and the sound of jazz wafting over its lush green hills. This is Governors Island. Read more: