Joshua Cook

Public Relations Director, Stratfor (previously, University of Texas, Austin & CBS Radio News)

“I’ve worked with Duane since 2001 and he continues to impress me with his unceasing dedication to excellence, fairness and integrity. He’s also incredibly kind and a wonderful person to work alongside. We’ve covered Presidential elections, wars, disasters and everything in between. Throughout it all, he’s been a reliable, go-to person in the newsroom.”


Scott Saloway

Producer, MSNBC (previously CNN & Al Jazeera) 

“There’s no question why Duane is the go-to person for nearly every job at CBS Radio News. He’s conscientious, precise, and abundantly talented. No project is too small and no obstacle too big for him to overcome. Most of all, though, he’s a person you can trust to get the job done. I have on numerous occasions. And I am honored to call him a colleague and a friend. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”


Susan Kim

Author; Playwright; TV Writer

“Duane is exceptionally collegial, dedicated, positive, and consensus-building. He is a dedicated problem-solver and a real asset to any group.”


Jill Schlesinger

CBS News Business Analyst,

“Duane is truly a gifted writer and makes everyone around him better at what he or she does… what’s even better is that he does so with a smile.”


Pam Coulter

CBS News Correspondent

I have worked with Duane for over two years now, and I know him to be a consummate professional, who is dedicated to a high quality product and extremely supportive of his colleagues. He has one of the most positive attitudes of anyone I have ever known, and I have no hesitation in saying he would be a valuable asset to any organization.


Elliott Kalan

Writer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

“In my time with Duane on the WGAE Council I’ve seen him be a quick-thinking, articulate speaker; a far-sighted leader and strategist; a principled and respectful advocate; and a genuinely pleasant, friendly, and all-around engaging person.”


Gregory Armstrong

Producer, World News Roundup, Late Edition, CBS Radio News network

“Duane Tollison is the consummate professional. Intelligent, inquisitive, compassionate and driven, he clearly adds a spark to any situation he is involved in and is a team player throughout. Any organization he joins is richer for it. I’m honored to call him a friend and colleague.”


Gary Nunn

CBS News Correspondent, CBS Radio News

“Duane is a creative, well-informed broadcast news writer—always focused, and extremely motivated. He is a meticulous copy editor with an excellent ‘news sense,’ efficient, questioning, and calmly meeting breaking news deadlines. His interviews are incisive, to the point, and thoughtful, whether hard news or feature, and polite but aggressive. He consistently produces tight, on-target sound bites under tight time constraints.”


Jeffrey McCausland

Founder and CEO at Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC; Leadership Development Expert/Speaker; CBS News National Security Consultant; U.S. Army (ret.)

“I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Duane Tollison at CBS Radio News for a number of years. Duane is a true professional and an enormously talented journalist. He is extremely intelligent, articulate, and the complete team player. He is a pleasure to work with and would be a fantastic addition to any effort.”


Adrienne Bard

Reporter, CBS Radio News network

“Duane is a skilled editor who is a pleasure to work with. He asks the right questions to help clarify a story. All my experiences as a reporter filing stories for Duane have been positive.” 


Rob Benson

Playwright; Actor 

“Duane is a passionate board member of my company, On The Square Productions. Duane is a positive and insightful person, he looks at the bigger picture and is very forward thinking. He has lent us his artistic skills in putting together marketing materials and we have auctioned off his photography. Whenever we need a safe pair of hands, we call on Duane to work at events, sell raffle tickets, and interact with audience. He is a great people person and helps us a make a great first impression with a variety of different people.”


Deborah Wolfson

Theater Director; Choreographer; Dramaturge 

“I heartily recommend Duane as a freelance writer. Duane’s talent as a writer is matched only by his kindness in his everyday life. 
Duane’s writing vividly brings to the fore the small but significant details that fill our memory and make-up a life. He has a real gift for observation, from the tiniest of habits that comprise a character to deeper truths about human nature. When combined with his deep and earnest compassion for those around him, this allows Duane to create a portrait of the people and places he sees that is not only honest and surprising, but achingly beautiful. 
His enthusiasm when facing any task is boundless and contagious. He is bold, determined, and spirited, and a true joy to be around. 
It is without hesitation that I say Duane’s warmth, humor, and skills make him an asset to any company lucky enough to have him.”


Harley Carnes

CBS News Correspondent, Anchor, CBS Radio News, Author

“To be an editor is to be more than just a good writer (of which being published by the NY Times gives clarion evidence), it takes a great sense of the ebb and flow of the day, or the personalities and talents available—as resources and tools—and a cool head. Duane has all of those qualities, plus he’s a good human being. Hiring Duane is a smart move. That’s probably why CBS did it!”


Maj. Mike Lyons

Experienced Operational Executive & Leader; CBS News Consultant; U.S. Army (ret.)

“Duane Tollison possesses the highest level of competence and commitment when it comes to writing and editing for broadcast journalism. He is a superb storyteller and communicator who has a knack of asking the key questions and always finding the undercurrent of any story. Duane is invaluable to me in my role as a contributor to CBS News, being a tremendous mentor as I put together stories for broadcast. Duane is always positive and enthusiastic about every story he does, and is a great role model for everyone in the Newsroom. He is creative and has given me many ideas for stories which have lead to important results. Duane will make significant contributions to any organization he is a part of. He is a pleasure to work with!”


Nick Young

Independent Broadcast Media Professional; former Anchor of the World News Roundup, CBS Radio News

“Duane is a highly skilled writer adept at crafting clean, precise scripts. 
More than that, he is a first-rate interviewer and tape editor able to quickly gather sound and turn it around under deadline pressure. 
He is also a very good update/special report producer. 
Apart from these abilities, Duane is a thoughtful, easy-going individual, always ready to contribute valuable ideas on a story or special project. These qualities make him an excellent a team member. 
Having worked with Duane for many years at CBS News, I can recommend him without hesitation.”


David Steven Cohen

Writer; Songwriter

“I’ve known and admired Duane for several years. We served together on the Council of the the Writers Guild of America, East and I was always impressed with Duane’s focus and determination, as well as his integrity, both professionally and personally. I find his writing compelling, particularly his autobiographical work. His prose is truly an extension of the man: vivid and textured, yet to the point. Duane is a devoted colleague and, my instincts tell me, a fine leader. He’s also a heck of a nice guy and I trust his word and judgment. I recommend him highly.”


Dustin Gervais

New Media Manager, CBS Radio News

“Duane is a hard-worker who is always keeping spirits high in the newsroom. He has a positive attitude and a deep respect for his colleagues, which is evident in everything he does.”


Sophia Buchanan

Administrative Assistant at BBR Partners

“Hardworking, innovative, and extremely reliable; Duane was a pleasure to work with at CBS News.”


Earl Peterson

Writer & Editor, CBS Radio News; Producer, Placement Productions LLC

“Duane Tollison is a very talented writer. No matter how much is going with breaking news, he is always able to tell the story to its fullest. He is a pleasure to work with as well. I have enjoyed working with Duane and have found him a great inspiration for my own work.”


Shannon Bennett

Program Information Coordinator, CBS Television

“Working with Duane is the highlight of any colleague’s day because whether you’re working on a story that needed to be done ten minutes ago, or preparing for something new, Duane will find a way to get the job done effortlessly and with a smile on his face.”


Paul Farry

Producer, World News Roundup, CBS Radio News

“Duane is a talented journalist and a very hard worker. He is a great story teller who can get the best out of a newsmaker when doing an interview. Duane is always willing to do whatever is asked of him and will go the extra mile to do whatever is needed to make a broadcast the best it can be.”


David Goodman

Assignment Editor, Producer, & Writer, CBS Radio News

“Duane is one of the hardest-working and best news writers, editors, and producers that I know. During my time at CBS News, I’ve gotten to see how talented he is as a journalist. I would highly recommend him to any employer. Not only would you be getting a great employee, but you’d be getting a great person, too.”


Larry Magid

Safety & Security Blogger, CNET Networks; Author

“Duane is incredibly thorough, which helps me do my job better. Like other editors, he assigns me stories to cover, but he also does a terrific job making sure that what I report is as good as it can possibly be by letting me know every time there is an issue and making sure I get it right. As a radio on-air analyst, that is incredibly important and I’m indebted to Duane for helping me improve my own game.”